Hurricane MatthewTake a few minutes to reflect upon the conversations going on around you and you will hear -

“I can’t get my lawn cut for this rain “

“I had just finished cleaning the car when it started to rain”

How much rain fell?-  0.1 inch

Let’s compare this with-

Rainfall in Haiti- 18” in 72 hours 13.6 trillion gallons.

At least 1,000 people were killed and 350,000 in need of humanitarian assistance and  28,000 homes destroyed when Hurricane Matthew battered  Haiti last week.

A humanitarian crisis is now unfolding for the survivors, with a warning of a likely cholera surge in the country due to severely damaged water supply and sanitation systems.

shelter boxesEmergency shelter experts from ShelterBox are now in Haiti assessing damage and need in a country reeling from yet another natural catastrophe

Floodwater, collapsed bridges, downed power lines – just a few of the barriers that await aid workers in Haiti, with many of the worst affected areas currently accessible only by air or sea. The US Navy is using helicopters to reach some communities and to airlift the injured, but the general picture that meets the ShelterBox team that arrived in Port au Prince yesterday evening is of medical, food, fresh water and shelter need that will present huge challenges over coming days and weeks.

As many as 80% of the buildings have been damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. In addition to storm-resistant tents and custom designed kits to make damaged buildings

 Hundreds of tents and complete ShelterBoxes already await distribution in Port au Prince, and additional stockpiles of Shelter kits, mosquito nets and water filtration equipment are ready to be transported out to Haiti.

Shelterbox are committed to helping the people in Haiti recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew. As the poorest country on the Western Hemisphere, a large percent of the population affected was already extremely vulnerable before the hurricane hit. ShelterBox is working to enable families have access to emergency shelter and essential supplies.”

If you feel you could help in any small way you can donate directly to Shelterbox

of contact us via the Rotary site and our President Robin will contact you.

Robin himself was part of the response team who was deployed to Haiti in 2010 so this brings back the memories of the desperation, need and support that is and will be required.