Xmas Party 2016

The Christmas festivities arrived in full force following the fantastic feast, of fun, food and fellowship enjoyed by our families and friends of Rotary at our annual Christmas party.

As we gathered together Ryan welcomed us with Christmas carols, beautifully played at the piano. Following President Rob’s greeting we enjoyed Grace by Stephen Holdaway who managed to mix the seasonal and seaside aspects of the occasion in his usual eloquent and entertaining way.

Following an excellent meal the entertainment began with community carols led by Norman and his merry band of musicians. Can’t leave this without a special mention to Pippa who kept us all in time to the beat with her excellent percussion skills, building up the tempo to “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” to leave the band puffing, panting and breathless but not broken by the end of it.

The children, accompanied by Ryan once more, reminded us of the meaning of Christmas with a beautiful interpretation of “Away in a Manger.”

Father Christmas arrived too and gave gifts to all the children and congratulated them on their wonderful achievements during the year. One of the youngest, Edward Rawlinson, thoughtfully, brought along something for Santa’s reindeer ensuring that his Christmas stocking will be full on Christmas morning.

More entertainment followed, provided by Stuart ‘s annual game of “Heads and Tails and Phil’s traditional orchestration of the “Twelve Days of Christmas” both of which involves everyone attending to sit down, stand up and sing along whether they want to or not.

xmas partyxmas partyxmas party

Just when we thought nothing else could top a great party we were introduced to the “Seacroft Village People,” Rotary’s latest project of keeping our members out of the pubs and off the streets.  Now after they had been dusted off  and dried out we were treated to a “Dance-athon”  by:-

 President Bob the Builder

 Andrew “PC 49” Quickfall

 Duncan “Macho Man” Moffatt

 Martin “Mohican Mayhem” Rawlinson

 Stormin’ Norman “The General” Prime

 John “ Abs like granite” Stone.

 To a man they danced their way to delirium with a free dance interpretation of “YMCA,” which had the audience rocking in the aisles.

Carole “Always on the revel” Cameron said “I could hardly believe my eyes, darling and I certainly couldn’t keep them of those amazing abs. Mr Stone FAB-U-LOUS!

Stuart “Strictly Salsa” Bell was heard to say as he recovered at the bar “I didn’t know Duncan shaved his armpits, Pauline.” “No” replied Pauline “But very silky though, I must find out where he goes.”

Terry “Top Tango” Smith clearly enjoyed the routine as he sprang onto the judges table in true Bruno style, screaming “Belissimo, Barolo, Bruschetta, Pasta Carbonara,” before Betty managed to slip him another tablet to calm him down.

David “Dapper Tapper” Platt clearly not quite so inspired commented, “Call that dancin’, we know ‘ow t’ dance in Lancashire, we do it wi’ clogs on and proper caps, what’s all this wi’ feathers, hard hats and spanner sets? Aye and that copper should‘ve ‘ad is truncheon aht!”

Take a bow everyone for a perfect performance with special thanks to your carer Caroline who in a past life must have been a “One man and his dog” champion to herd such a vicarious bunch of lost sheep into a pulsating, powerhouse of relentless rhythm and spectacular syncopation. You’d never have guessed that they’ve never danced before.

Strictly speaking though, it has to be a “TEN FROM LEN!” Strictly speaking, Rotary old crocks. Not on your nelly Rotary Rocks! It's a "Ten from Len"